Thursday, 29 March 2012

Mass Effect 3 Poster

Another quick Mass Effect 3 poster...I'm going Mass Effect 3 crazy :) 


Mass Effect 3 - A quick doodle of shephard's armour insignia.

Harbinger Design

Got bored the other night, so quickly doodled this on Illustrator. It is Harbinger, a Reaper from the Mass Effect series of games. I added the phrase 'They Reap what you sow', based on the well known phrase, and also as this is a Reaper's sole intention in the game series. The font is Airship.

It has expanded onto a few other variants, namely Harbinger's quotes in the series.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

A Graph about Graphics!

As part of a new brief, in which we are learning and creating graphs, we were tasked with looking at the process of one of our design projects and create our own graph to represent what we do in that project. It begins with the client and the brief and leads on from there; from the initial first steps through to the research and the idea developments then through to finalisation and submission, and everything else I feel is key along the way. I have tried to show this through the use of a key to visualise the most important aspects of a the project's schedule. The chosen font is Airship. The orange quotes dotted about represent my personal opinions on the project over that part of the time spent on a project...I didn't add the part where I get stupidly stressed for obvious reasons.