Sunday, 14 August 2011

Minimal Movie Posters

Recently inspired by the discovery of minimal movie poster designs, I have become inspired to do my own poster designs based on my favourite films.

First of all, is Hitman. A good film, and an amazing game franchise, I tried to catch the personality and theme of the film, as well as highlight who the character (Agent 47) is. I used the game's official font for the film, as well as the director's name.

Second is one of my top 5 films ever, Batman: The Dark Knight. An amazing film by visionary Christopher Nolan, who has truly brought the Batman franchise to recent greatness, it features Batman's journey to stop the maniacal Joker. I loved the film, and tried to show both of these 2 character's personalities and iconic traits through the design, which I feel has succeeded.

Third is once again, one of my top 5 films ever, and this one is Iron Man, directed by Jon Favreau. This film is so cool, and really that's the best way to describe it. Robert Downey Jr plays Iron Man/Tony Stark, and he creates the heroic character to protect the world. I loved the film, and tried to recreate the face as a minimal piece, but I feel that detail is necessary in showing how epic the character is.

More to come!

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