Saturday, 29 January 2011

Community Brief - First Project of Semester B

Over the christmas holiday, we were given a brief to do, in which we had to choose a community to research and look into. Along with our own general knowledge, we had to interview community members about the community of our choice, as well as do background research, and visual documentation with images and photos. We could pick the community of our choice; it could be a local community, religious community, geographical community, working community, national community etc any community we liked or could think of.
        I chose my local and home village, Coldham, for my community. I did research on my community by interviewing a number of people, using own photography and combining that with my general knowledge and internet based information. Then came a report we had to right about our communities, and use it to help us develop a larger and broader understanding of our community as a society. Now, we have a new project based on our community and research used/taken for it. We have to use our rearsch and information to create a Zine. I will be explaining and show what a Zine is in my next post. 

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