Tuesday, 3 April 2012

In Design You've Got To Think Outside The Circle

I did a design around last october. I was with Alice, and I was thinking a quote that is well known in the design industry. One of them was 'In Design You've Got To Think Outside The Box', and it was Alice who said, how about 'Think Outside The Circle'. That was when I did a design for the quote. This is a redesign of the original design I did in october. It looks a lot better than the original, thanks to the discovery of effective usage of textures, and I feel it looks more fitting with quote. Besides, it looks more aesthetically pleasing, and far more eye catching. In some ways, it reminds me of my SCY flyer I made last february, with it's outrageous design and usage of colour. I'm happy with this redesign I did today.

This is the original design I did ages ago. I liked it after creating it the first time, though after numerous questions about the design ('Why are there pentagons?', 'Why is the circle so small?', 'Why doesn't the representing quote go outside the circles?'), I started looking at it that way myself and I started seeing what others where on about. 

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