Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Jurassic Park Infographic

For a project at uni, we've had to create an infogarphic based on anything we want. As long as it displays a good amount of information, it is acceptable as a graph. I had started a garph based on the amazing skyrim & use my personal stats to fill the graph with detail. However, I stepped away from it, leaving the Skyrim graphic as a persomal project to explore in the recent future. Instead, I wanted to do something else I'e always loved. That was when I thought of it. One of my all time favourite movies. Jurassic Park. The franchise is amazing & huge, spanning the world over. I had my decision made.

With that, I started. I wanted a graph that shows information and dimensions on the islands where the 3 films are set (all this is based on the movie canon, nothing to do with games and other media).

Also, a a way of mapping the number of people in each film, without including any of the main characters. This is a way of showing something that has never been done before; mapping who lives & dies besides the central characters. You will see no Alan Grant or Ian Malcolm here. You know how Ray Arnold is though right? And Udesky? You'll find out who has lived & died in the Jurassic Park films.

Also, about the dinosaurs themselves. The films are mainly about the dinosaurs, but unless you are a large dino fan like me, you may get bored looking through the advanced information on a species. So I created a simple graph that shows the height & length of the most famous dinosaurs in the series.

The result, with a lot of tweaking, came out fairly well in my opinion.

I'm very happy with it now.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you very much my friend :)

    2. The T-Rex is much bigger than that

    3. No. It isn't. In fact it is only 18-20 feet tall so this is being generous to it. The perimeter fences are 24 feet tall and the Spinosaurus's head is up to the top bar of the fence so it is actually around 24 feet tall. This chart is off on all accounts.

  2. Is there a higher res version of this? it's very hard to read.