Monday, 21 May 2012

A Skyrim Infographic : My Skyrim Journey

I've wanted to create this for a long time now, and finally had the time and ability to create it to the highest standard that I desired. As you can see, it is based on the game Skyrim from The Elder Scrolls series. This infographic displays a numerous amount of information which I have gathered & accumulated in my Skyrim playthrough and allows viewers to clearly see some of the most important statistics that I have gained along the way.

At the top, you can see the race and name of my character from the game, and the title(s) he has held in that game world. The map below shows the whole land I have explored with the locations of Skyrim's main holds and the number of locations I have discovered beneath it. The map is encircled by images of each hold's insignia. The rest is fairly self explanatory, with the appropraite information being displayed. These are adorned with images from the game that I have found (which act as achievement images) to show a certain representation of the stats (eg. the thu'um section uses images that represent achievements/trophies once unlocked in-game). These are also joined by certain objects in the game that correspond to that piece of data (eg. beneath the thu'um is a dragon-wall which is how the player learns thu'um words). I have also created multiple comparative charts of Skyrim's diverse range of colonists and wildlife. Each square on each chart represents 1 foot in height by 1 foot in length to show the height and length of all of Skyrim's denizens. For example, on the animals chart at the bottom of the screen, a rabbit is a foot in height when in comparison to a giant which is over  9 feet taller. All are as accurate as can be based on numerous amounts of data collected from the game and the web. Soon to be the newst edition to my wall... hopefully it'll take A0.

As of May 11th, I may have to update this, as 1: my stats have increased in since I've created this & 2: Dawnguard will be here soon, so maybe I should place the two factions (The Dawnguard & The Vampire creatures) on here. As I am werewolf in this playthrough I cannot become a vampire, so on this poster the vampires will become enemies and the Dawnguard as allies. However, the next playthrough will see me as a creature of the night. Not to mention all the other creatures who will be awaiting us. I will have to see if this does need updating.