Thursday, 10 February 2011


In December a local club in lincoln called SCY sent out a new brief to the Graphic Design students at Lincoln Uni, to create a flyer/poster for their new event on friday nights called FUNDAMENTAL. It is a monthly competition for us design students. Once designed, we have to send our flyers to SCY and then they will choose who comes in first, second and third place. The best 3 will go in the club and throughout Lincoln. The briefs are based on quotes which we have to place in the design, and we have to include the FUNDAMENTAL logo and symbol, as well as SCY's logo. Also, on the back side, we have to place the information like when it is open, times, prices and drinks etc. 
             I have created & submitted designs for the competition in both January & February, and I must tell February one is sooooooo much better than my January one. 
FUNDAMENTAL January submission.
Well this is my January idea for FUNDAMENTAL. At the time, I thought that this flyer should have a a distinct look to it, so instead of having a standard A4 page idea, I went for a more Quadrilateral, shape, and used a light blue background in hope that I could emphasise the text, logo & symbol on the front/back. I also created a custom brush for the drops of colour and paint to try and make it look colourful and good to look at. I also added random glowing shapes for the sake of it, and created rings that orbit the logo. Back then, I quite liked the idea. Upon looking at the winners of the competition and their pieces, I knew I had no chance with this idea. Looking back on it now, it is almost abominable, far below the standard i'm used to designing and creating. Time to up my game for next time I decided.
Well February has arrived, and so has SCY's February FUNDAMENTAL brief. And, here is what I managed to create for it.
FUNDAMENTAL February submission.
Now, in my personal opinion, this blows my January submission straight out of the water! I really like this new idea, and really happy with how it turned out. And, unlike my January idea, I had a lot of fun making this design. I went on the basis that, I should create something that I would like to look at, and what kind of styles and looks would wow me over and make me want to go to this vent on every friday. This is clearly the result. I wanted something with a spotlight effect, but I never thought about playing with filter effects on lens flare on Photoshop. The design looks cool, colourful, interesting, eye catching and just generally a good idea, in my own opinion of course, for the FUNDAMENTAL brief. I'd be happy if it got somewhere, but I'm just excited that I managed to create a poster that I'm happy with and am actually rather proud of.

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