Monday, 21 February 2011

Zines : A Graphic Exposition : Part IV

The final hurdle of the Zine project is to create a master copy of my final Zine, then photocopy it 5x in black & white. This will give me a grand total of 6 created Zines, 5 of which need to be given in for the deadline, along with my research and mock up/drafts and information I've gathered over the months...which includes the stuff I've done on this blog. I need to print all 16 pages back to front over 4 A4 pages (A5 pages 16 - 1 on one side and 2 - 15 on the other), whcih I've done for my master copy, and then, once all that is done, make any necessary personal changes to the master copy (I'm going to write on my master copy and put in information gathered at christmas as well as personal quotes and sketches and other opinions that I feel need to go in). Once that is done, I will photocopy all the pages (in black & white, as this is how tradition Zines are made and it also saves us a lot of money as black & white is cheaper than coloured inks) and put them together to create my other zines. After that I'll need to bind them all, and then that should be it. 

My Zine is called 'THE COLDHAM COMPASS'.
This is my front cover (page 1 - left) & back cover (page 16 - right). 

My Zine is called 'THE COLDHAM COMPASS'. This is because my Zine is based around my local community, my home village, Coldham. When I lived in Coldham, I didn't know everything about it, didn't know a lot of it's history, and I've never fully realised what was good & bad about it. This community project has helped me realise and understand my village, and I have learnt more about it over the last number of weeks than I have done over the last 12 years of living there. The reason it is called "THE COLDHAM COMPASS' is because it is meant to represent the fact that Coldham is had so many ideas and directions placed into it and, for the most part, nothing has ever fully happened there before. Also, because there is actually more to Coldham than meets the eye. Someone who doesn't live there will think it's just a small hamlet in the middle of nowhere, but for those who live there, there are many things that the community have to deal with, not only on their own but together as well. This is the kind of style I'm trying to show and capture in my Zines. Hopefully I will.

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