Sunday, 6 February 2011

Zines : A Graphic Exposition : Part III

File:Zines-fromlondonsymp07.jpgFor the next part of the Zine work i've got to do, i've now got to do some drafts and 3x Zine proposals for next the next lesson. I've got to decide how many pages my zine is going to be composed of, and what articles/stories are going to be where in my finished Zine. 3 different drafts for a Zine isn't as easy as it sounds though! If my Zine has 16 pages then that means I will need to do design proposals for 3 lots of 16 pages, a total of 48 pages. Now, i'm not sure how to make all my Zines different from each other, but I guess this is the part where we try and get a real look and feel for our Zines, and try to give the right understanding and direction for each of them. I guess the more drafts there are, the easier it will be to create a ultimate final design. 

Websites I'm going to try and use to help design my Zines are: - Zines 101 – A Quick Guide to Zines : Extremely handy little website with general and advanced information on Zines. - A page taken from : This is a page from the website of Aisling D’Art, a third-generation artist. - Everything you need to know about Zine construction. - : A guide to constructing a Zine using the correct number of pages. very handy, especially if you're not sure what paper to use and how much of it is needed.

This is the general set up for a 16 page Zine.
This is how many pages i'm using for mine,
so this is how I will be laying mine out when
I come to make it. - A step by step guide on making a special Zine : by David Pena, a freelance designer / illustrator. This looks absolutely awesome, wish (or hope) my Zine looks something like this. - A guide to zines, with good knowledge and information : by Stephanie Lenz.

File:1988-02 Vijgeblad 01 (laatste).jpg

These pages should help in the construction of my Zine. Hopefully they will also be insightful for others who may need some help with their Zines. Most of this is based on personal experiences of other makers, and everyone has many, many failures. The trick with it is too never get discouraged. You can only learn by doing, and you learn the most from your mistakes.

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